Ana Teresa Silva


I believe that each of us holds a torch. And we’re part of a bigger, universal story to which we add every day with our thoughts, feelings and actions (our light, our unique voice). And through sharing, we can create a ripple that extends from the center of our heart. 

Every project that I create is a way of sharing. The Journey is, in some way, an important milestone for me, as it's the result of an alchemy of the knowledge gathered the last 30 years.

I crossed several professional areas (Journalism, Fiction Writing, Social Innovation, Training, Coaching, NLP, PSYCH-K®, Aura Reading, Dance, Meditation) but, although some of these professional paths may seem

distant, they are arms of the same trunk (human inspiration and development). And for the difficulty of cataloging this interweaving of professional paths, I really like when people present me with poetic imaginative names as "personal transformation catalyst", or a "positive information pollinator".

I fully recognize that one of my passions has always been to gather nutritious information from multiple sources and then cross it, connect it and share it with others, to "fertilize" new ideas and insights, and produce new seeds that can bring out the best in each one.

To know more about my professional path, click here.

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