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Meditation in Nature with Silent System

Dance 4 Hearts in Nature with Silent System

Online Meditation

Soul Re-synk Weekend Retreats

Heart Coherence Workshops

Experiential Writing Workshops

Writing of Self-Discovery (the power of personal stories)

PSYCH-K®, NLP, Coaching and Energy Medicine Consultations


The Journey


The Journey offers courses, retreats, classes, workshops, one-on-one sessions and learning trips that support and empower you on your transformational journey.

Different offers, but a common ground: self-discovery, safe sharing space, expanding awareness and creativity, pulling your higher consciousness into your choices, liberate you from the chains that bind you and the false beliefs that hold you back, rekindle your aliveness and life force.

One of the big challenges of our times is to live a flowing, authentic life, one that’s true to our deeper natures and respectful of our planet.  And it is not possible to meet these new challenges, based on past patterns and unconscious beliefs. In order to manifest the life we desire, to have the harmonious and enriching relationships we crave, we must deeply understand the inner space from which we are operating.

The Journey creates these deep journeys of self-awareness and access to heart intelligence so that we can connect with the best future possibilities of ourselves, others, and the world.

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